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I found two archived threads about the same problem, but I don't see a real fix aside from a bootstrap.  In Keynote, when I "duplicate" a slide that has certain colors on it and then edit the copy, the exported to PDF has some of the colors changed on the duplicated slide, but not on the original. If the the slides are opened in Preview they look correct, but when opened in other PDF viewers the colors change. 


I have an example to show where the bright green changes, but I don't see where I can append it.  The first slide was dupliucated, the text and slide content edited, and then exported ->PDF -> Best.


Do I have to open all of my exports in Preview and then re-save them?  This has been occuring for years.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Ruins presentations for me
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    Do you have Acrobat Pro installed on your machine?

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    Acrobat X 10.1.4

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    Is that all that you needed to know?

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    Same propblem here.  I read threads of color maps and RGB and calibration...  It's the same friggin Keynote file with a few slides duplicated/edited.  The duplicate/edited slides  export with dull, ugly colors.  Preview looks fine, but I display PDFs with Adobe reader on other computers.  Can this be fixed?

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    Sorry to bump.  An apple support person asked me for example files, but I can't find the email they sent me to reply.  Is there a way to host them?

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    Alright, this is what has worked for me.

    First to answer the question whether to use "Export to pdf" or "Print->PDF->Save as PDF" or "Save as PostScript" – I prefer the "Export" option for one reason: this method is the most accurate when it comes to object coordinates (images, lines, etc) AND custom slide sizes, while saving as PostScript is very cumbersome, especially when it comes to very custom, pixel-based slide sizes.



    1. I have first exported the keynote presentation to pdf

    2. opened it with Adobe Acrobat X (to witness false colors)

    3. Now go to "Tools->Print Production->Convert Colors"

    4. Ignore options, until the one which says "Output Intent" with a checkbox "Convert Colors to Output Intent". Select the profile "sRGB IEC61966-2.1"

    5. Push OK.

    6. [magic]

    7. Profit


    Hope it helps.