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Greetings, Cyber friends! (lol K. That intro did not work >.< )

Anywhoo, I'll be getting a new iPhone 5 this week or next week, and I'm torn between the 32 GB and the 64 GB. I signed up a 3 years contract with my local phone carrier, so I need a GB that will sustain my needs for three long years.... -.-

I owned a 16GB iPhone 4s for about a month, and quickly filled that up, but I CAN make more space by deleting apps/photos, if I wanted to. But this time is different since I'll be using this phone for a while, and I really don't want to regret the decision of choosing the wrong size.

I'll probably have all my favorite songs stored in there because I don't own an iPod and my iPhone will practically serve as one. My iPhone will also serve as my camera since I do not currently own one, and I like to take pictures and videos & just keep them there on my phone. I won't be downloading any movies or music videos (that's for sure) coz I would rather watch videos on my Macbook. Plus, there is also YouTube. ^^ As for games I will probably download a bunch, just the games that I really enjoy and play most of the time, but there are new games every year, and some with bigger sizes than others. Most of my apps will probably just be photo editing apps/video editing apps since I am really into that.

Well, that's pretty much it. Money is kinda tight. I can afford a 32 GB, but another extra 100 for the 64 GB, i'll have to work extra hard for that, and I really wouldn't want to waste money if I pick the wrong size.

If I end up taking the 32 GB, what happens if I fill that space up quickly and will start hating my phone (lol)?

If I end up taking the 64 GB, what happens if I don't fill the space up, and end up regretting paying an extra hundred bucks for spaces I won't even use?

Thanks in advance!!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2