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We have created a website and our users are accessing it with their iPad  / Safari.


It seems that when we send a query to our server, the iPad will only wait about 5 seconds and at that point will timeout. This is not the issue with regular PC browsers.


Is this the behavior for the iPad? If so, can we increase this 5 second timeout?


Thank you for your responses.



iPad 2, iOS 5.1
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    We have a similar issue with downloading a internal app for installation on the iPad. As the ipa is more than 11 MB, it takes time to download, but before it can finish, the iPad sends a cancel request to the proxy server. The timeout appears to be consistent at 10 seconds. If you have found the way to change the timeout, please let me know!


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    I would try another web browser.  Don't know who is enforcing the timeout, so don't know if another web browser would work.