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Yesterday I took on the task of clearing the album artwork cache because my artwork wasn't syncing to my iphone with the music, so I began by un-syncing all my music from my iPhone. I then cleared the artwork cache and all downloaded artwork, and then began to rebuild the artwork both manually and by downloading thanks to apples new, more extensive album art database. Of course the next step was to click on devices, my phone, then the music tab, and sync music. Immediately upon clicking sync music iTunes pinwheeled. I force quit several times and before going to sleep I left it on just to see if it was compressing album art or doing some monumental task that would take a half hour to an hour or so. Came home from work, and it was still pinwheeling. The library I'm trying to sync is 1,800 songs and pre iTunes 11, is the same library I had on it before. I had many sucessful syncs with iTunes 11. Anyone with this problem? I've submitted the error report to Apple. I also tried deleting the backup (the last of which was captured right after un-syncing all my music) becuase that has been a source of problems in the past, but it was to no avail.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1