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Running a mid 2009 iMac on 10.7.5, 3 gb memory, 320 gb hd. 


Suddenly the computer stoped reading DVDs and the only time I can read a CD is if I restart.  Quite often when I insert a CD it gets stuck and I cannot get it out until I restart and it shows up on the desktop where I can then eject it.

I have checked and double checked the finder prefs and all looks normal showing a check mark on CDs,DVDs etc. (the ones I want to show up on the desktop)

I have reset the PEAM, repaired permissions with both the disk utility on the computer and the disk utility when I start up in the Recovery Disk.  I did notice that sometimes the permission repeat the same correction several times before it moves on, and sometimes it doesn’t. I have Windows installed on a partition but I keep it unmounted until it is needed for my wife’s work.  The dock seems to be just fine and all the apps seems to run just fine.  When I insert a photo CD iPhoto does not open but when I insert a music CD iTunes does open. 

Also, most every time I open iPhoto it takes a long time(sometimes as long as 2 minutes) for it to load.

Sometimes my Mail (Mail 5.3) does not post new mail but most of the time it does. 

Once and a while it seems like the computer slows way down but then it seems ok ten minutes later.

All  of these ‘things’ seemed to have happen suddenly and I have not downloaded anything from the internet in some time.

Of course the warranty and extended warranty are both no longer in effect having had this computer for more than three years.

I am running Java and Adobe Player because some of the sites I go to a lot require both.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)