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Can someone please help?  I cannot figure out how to change my email name (not the address but the name that appears when my email is received).  Can anyone guide me on how to change the profile name for my email?


The basic issue is:

     Apple ID:                     JohnDoe

     Email Address:            JohnDoe@icloud.com

     Name in From Field:     SusanDoe


When I draft an email there is a box to pick the "from" address and my options are:

     Susan Doe <JohnDoe@icloud.com>

     Susan Doe <JohnDoe@imac.com>

     Susan Doe <JohnDoe@me.com>


People who receive my emails think they are coming from my wife...yes, Susan Doe is my wife.  I am positng this in iPhone but, it happens no matter where I send an email from.

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