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Iv got a 2011 15" macbook pro

i7 quad-core 2.2ghz with 4gb of ram

and a 1gb graphics card.


Im running windows 7 in bootcamp 4.0 iv never had problems playing games everything used to run on high graphic

settings with no lag and now for the past couple of months I turn a game on not even playing just at the main menu and

my fans come on super loud right away you can hear them from across the room and they dont slow down until i close

the game about 5 seconds after i close the game the fans stop! its driving me nuts! its sooooo loud and I used to play games for

hours with the fans only coming on once or twice just to cool down the system and then shut off noww there on all the **** time

someone help plz!!! befor i sell my macbook for a **** PC!

MacBook Pro, Windows 7