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I have a new mac-mini, 2.6Gz i-7, w/ 16Gb memory and 1.12Tb fusion drive. It came with OSX-10.8.2 pre-installed. When I connect my i-Sight camera using a FW-800 to FW-400 adapter I cannot get it to work with any video application (Facetime, Photobooth, i-Movie), etc. Sometimes the green light will be on, sometimes not. The camera does not appear in System Profiler under firewire. I have tried all the recommended fixes including re-booting, disconnecting everything except the camera, repairing permissions, re-setting the SMC, re-installing a clean copy of OSX 10.8.2 and repairing permissions. Nothing works.


The camera works on my old 2Gz Core-2 duo mac-mini running OSX 10.7 latest release using the firewire 400 cable, so I know the cable and camera work. I replaced the FW800/FW400 adapter because I thought that might be the culprit, but no luck. The camera also won't work on my mid-2010 mac mini running OSX 10.8.2.


I am at the point where I think there is an incompatibility between OSX10.8 and the external i-Sight.


Any help appreciated.