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Here's my situation:


I've long had an iPhone 4, iPad 1, and a MacBook with OS X.  I'm happy with them and everything works well, albeit a bit of junk from years of switching computers and a slightly messy calendar.


I just started with a tiny company that has no tech infrastructure.  We have our email addresses through a small hosting company that manages our web hosting and no one to ask questions of - thus my messages here! 


I just started a new company that gave me a PC.  My email address is from a small web host and I now have it set up on my work PC, my home Mac (a necessity of my job), my iPhone, and my iPad.  So far, so good. 


I'm noticing now that the calendar for my new email address works on my PC but not on my iPhone/iPad. When I check the settings, it shows that a calendar is not an option.  So my question is this:


How do I sync my Outlook calendar to my iPhone?  Do I need to install iTunes and sync my calendar that way?  If I do that, what happens to my personal iTunes account?


Help me, please!

iPhone 4
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    You could do it through iCloud.  You would need to create an iCloud account from one of your Apple devices, set that account up on all of them, and enable calendar syncing.


    On your work PC, you would need to download the iCloud Control Panel from Apple




    When you install that, it will ask you some questions about what information you wish to merge - Calendar, mail and contacts.  Pick the ones you wish to sync with your Apple devices.  Then, you simply enable the sync option in the finished, installed control panel.  Note that in the conrol panel, the only option is to bulk sync mail/contacts/calendar - so it is important that you UNselect any of these you do not want sync'd during the installation step where you select data to merge.


    Now, any changes you make to your Outlook calendar at work will get sync'd to your Apple device's calendars via iCloud.


    Some people may mention the option of using Google Sync to sync up an Outlook calendar via a google account, but that option has been discontinued this month by Google (except for paying customers of google services).

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    I tried this and it worked for the first few days.  Since then, it stopped. My PC shows that it is working but my calendar invites are not showing up on my iPhone or in iCal.  I have no idea why.


    Any ideas?

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    Simple first thing to try is just reset the iPhone - hold both the power (on/off/sleep) button and home button at the same time until the apple logo appears, then release and let it boot up.  See if that fixes it up.