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I've been reading through all the articles and trying as many solutions as people have offered with no results. Itunes Playlists are showing on my macbook and my Imac, but I cannot edit which playlists are showing on my Iphone 4S, I connected it by USB to see if I could edit the playlists selected there but there was no way to do that as it says Itunes Match is on, and it's only placing copies of purchased/recently added playlists onto my phone.


People had mentioned in earlier posts, adding and removing computers, authorizing and deauthorizing, editing the playlists titles, deleting songs from playlists, turning phone on and off, toggling on and off on Itunes Match, NOTHING IS WORKING! I'm a dance teacher and I need my playlists, this is making my life very very difficult and I'm incredibly frusterated that instead of Paying for a service that was supposed to help my music problems I have paid for a service that has simply created a brand new one. I even paid for an extra 10 GB of Icloud space to see if that changed anything and it didn't so now I'm up to 40$ in annual charges all for something that is so far absolutely useless to me. PLEASE HELP! There's not even a helpline on apple phone support for itunes, or itunes match it simply redirects me to the online forums. I"M DESPERATE for your help!!

ITunes Match, iOS 6.0.1