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In preparing for an international trip, I contacted my cell carrier about using my new iPhone 4 with an international SIM and they said, 'no problem, your phone is unlocked for use with an international SIM'. I then called Apple (phone was still under AppleCare) and they took my serial number and said, 'no problem, just open up the SIM card tray on the side of the phone and put in the new SIM.'


Based on their advice, I went ahead and bought an international SIM for my trip, but when I went to insert the SIM, I learned that my phone does not have a SIM card tray. Does this mean my phone doesn't have a SIM card? If it has one, how can I swap it out with my international SIM for my trip?

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    Did you look on the side of iphone, that is where the sim card tray is at, you should see a little hole.

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    GSM iPhone 4 sim try is located here:




    CDMA iPhone 4 does not have a sim tray & does not use sims. Do you have a CDMA iPhone 4? Who is your carrier?

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    Who is your carrier?

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    If you have a Verizon-model iPhone, as a CDMA phone it does not have a SIM and cannot be used with any other carrier except Verizon partners through their international roaming service. Contact Verizon to ask about availability of coverage in various countries; there won't be extensive.



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    Thanks all. My carrier is a local company called nTelos. Apparently they also use these CDMA non-SIM phones. I sure wish I had known this when I was deciding between the 4, 4S and 5. There is nothing on any of the Apple support pages or my carrier's marketing materials that discusses that there is this difference between some iPhone4 phones and other iPhone4. Even AppleCare didn't know when I called them, and the page referenced above with the picture doesn't point it out, either (though I now see it has a parenthesis that says "GSM", which implies, but doesn't state, this issue).


    At least now I know I'm out of luck for the next 2 years. Thanks, again.