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Although it says here http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3770 that early 2008 Mac Pro can boot into 64bit, though not by default with Snow Leopard, I'm wondering if my January 2008 quad 2.66 model is just too early?


Machine Profile (Micromat) shows 'processor bitrate 64 bit, EFI bitrate 32 bit, Kernel bitrate 32 bit'.   So should I give up on the '64 bit kernel and extensions' option for this machine?



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    If you wish to know if a 2008 Mac Pro3,1 can boot Mountain Lion, the answer is, "Yes, it can."

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    No that's not the question I asked.  Mine is a 1.1 version, made in Cork in January 2008.  I simply wish to know if my machine, going by the bit specs given in my first post is capable of booting into 64 bit with any OS X...BC

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    you are confused then it seems.


    you do not have the EFI64 req'd, you do not have a 3,1 at all. your system has 51xx or 53xx Xeoon and not 5400 Harpertown that Early 2008 used. You have 1333MHz fsb and 667MHz memory controller too. And lack PCIe 2.x support, but rather has PCIe 1.x


    www.apple.com/support/macpro or check everymac.com


    your system can not run 10.8 or boot in 64-bit kernel - Apple wise.


    You also would run into trouble with 64-bit Windows 7 or later with the install DVD boot as well.

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    No I'm not confused I'm simply looking for simple clear answers as a brand new Mac Pro user.   I didn't say I had a 3.1,  I said I had a January 2008 model - is that is or is not an  'early 2008'?....BC

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    There is only "Early 2008" 3,1 model began the 64-bit kernel support.


    WE need exact term found at the hardware heading when you go to About This Mac System Profile


    1,1 was 2006 (Aug)

    2,1 was March 2007 added 8-core option and 53xx processor

    3,1 brought faster fsb and other changes --- like Unified EFI 2.x (aka EFI64) support


    "Early 2008" is Apple's way of making things more confusing and the 3,1 came out in March with all the changes I partially listed. Change in OEM gpu as well too.

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    All MPs run 64-bit applications. But a MacPro1,1 model cannot boot a 64-bit kernel, hence cannot run Mountain Lion.

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    It is NOT an Early 2008 model. It's a 2006 model - the original model from 2006. Exactly, what is shown when you open System Profiler at the Model Identifier. I'm not sure why a MP1,1 model would be built in Early 2008. That is when the first MP3,1 models were released.

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    I think I understand - thanks.  Apple were still making 1.1's in January 2008 alongside the 2.1's?   So even though mine was made in Jan 2008, to all intents and purposes it is a 2006 specs machine?  (Incidentally the processor is Woodcrest Dual-Core Intel Xeon CPU 5150 according to Machine Profile).


    Should really have researched S/H Mac Pro models before buying, though I suppose a 3.1 would have been more expensive.  The 64 bit would have been useful for things like PhotoShop for using the extra RAM.  


    I and many others have been led to believe that no programme can use more than 4Gb RAM on a 32 bit boot - in which case what is the point of having 16Gb RAM on a 32 bit machine like the 1.1?...BC

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    That MP will run 64-bit software. You can install up to 32 GBs of RAM which should be adequate for PS. But if you really need more then your options are limited:


    1. Buy a newer model that's used.
    2. Buy a refurbished model.
    3. Buy the new MP.
    4. Wait until later this year for the even newer MP with new features.
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    Answer to suggestions 1, 2 3 and 4 - Please have a word with my bank manager   But many thanks anyway to both of you, for your kind help..BC

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    Yes, I know. I have one, too. If only I were a real magician.

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    I just thought I would share my Mac Pro 1.1 experience. I recently had to replace a failed memory riser card  by buying a pair from ebay (they both failed a month apart) and took advantage of the opportunity to replace my Mac Pro 2006 with the 2008 model for $700 and inserted my drives and upgraded to 10.8.5. Just holding off on Mavericks for now...  Bought a Radeon 5770 and graphics are just peachy (i'm not a gamer). Then I put a samsung ssd 512gb in as the system drive and a 3tb for data so that machine is going fine


    What to do with the 2006 Mac Pro?. No one wants it on ebay so I thought i'd try it on Windows. Windows 32bit loads via boot camp once you figure out how to  recognise the sata bus (depends on your windows 7 dvd version i think) but under 32 bit you only get 2gb usable ram ! something , not just video is addressing 2gb so that *****. You cannot boot off the 64bit dvd (try it) so i installed 64bit windows 7 on a clean drive on my core2dou pc then put the drive in my 4core xeon mac pro. It booted fine and installed alot of drivers for the xeons automatically. Then I got some drivers from 64bit bootcamp and sound drivers from the realtek website. Then , I upgraded to 64 bit windows 8 pro and everything still works. Then, I downloaded the free windows 8.1 pro update and everything still works..... As PCs go, this is still a pretty fast machine, and gives little away to , say an i5 or i7. If you put in an SSD and gamers video card it  would fly, but i dont need that....

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    Ditto on all of that as far as Mac Pro 1,1 and the extra hoops to get Windows 64-bit (anything after Vista SP1).


    And over 7 yrs of faithful use and work.

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    Bill Carter wrote:

    Apple was still making 1.1's in January 2008 alongside the 2.1's?

    1,1 are 4-core models

    2,1 are 8-core models


    Firmware to support the different CPU model is the only difference beyond the core count.