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I cant find an answer to this on other forums...


But what are the settings to get the BEST quality movie export from iMovie?


I can only manage to get a much lower quality movie, I dont understand it.


I have a 46Mb WMV movie that I converted to M4V using Video Monkey (because iMovie wont import WMV). I exported the M4V at max. quality, and although less quality than the WMV, its OK (that ends up at 156Mb).


I import that into iMove because I need to make audio adjustments. I do that. The quality of the file in iMove looks the same as the MV4.


I then export that movie. Thats when it loses even more quality. This is the bit I dont understand. Why does iMove lower the quality? I get options to choose the video size, I choose the maximum. I also exported direct to YouTube, I also tried export to QuickTime. But they all are worse than what I actually see in iMovie.


So how come I cannot export a movie at the same quality that iMovie is showing me? If I can what are the settings?


Thanks a lot

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)