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Just upgraded from a Macbook to new Macbook Pro.   On my new machine, Launchpad won't let me get to the other launchpad pages.  For example, every time I swipe to the second page of apps, it "slides" me back to the first page.  My old machine did not do that.


Any help is appreciated.



MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Hello JDButler


    You could possibly try going to launchpad and pressing Command-Left or Command-Right to move through the pages. Then take a trip to System Prefs and have a look under "Trackpad" settings and see if they are all correct. There is a preview of what the action should be with the gestures. Try copying that exactly and make sure your other fingers dont touch the trackpad.

    If that doesn't work then please reply and I'll do some research


    Hope this helps,


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    I was able to recover from this state by executing the command "killall Dock" from the terminal program.



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    I have the same problem.