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itunes 11 seems to have no file sharing area.


Export from ipod to itunes works because when I tried to export to itunes a second time it said "do you want to overwrite the file - it already exists".


But it's nowhere to be found in itunes. Various posts/tutorials/etc mention file sharing but this doesn't seem to exist in itunes '11.


I saw another post say that I needed to Garageband '11 installed but I've heard some bad things about it's performance on older machines (White Macbook 4,1 4gb ram).


edit: found file sharing - thanks Edgar

MacBook, iOS 6.0.1, iPad mini (6.0.2), itunes 11
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    Have you seen the "GarageBand IOS" help?



    1. Tap the My Songs button, then tap the Export Song button Export Song button.
    2. Tap Send to iTunes.
    3. Do one of the following:The next time you sync your iPad, the exported song appears in the GarageBand Documents list under File Sharing, if GarageBand is installed on your computer.
      • To send the song as a GarageBand song, tap GarageBand.
      • To send the song as an audio file, tap AAC.
    4. Do one of the following:
      • Drag the song from the GarageBand Documents list to the Finder.
      • Click Save As, navigate to the location where you want to save the song, then click Save.


    In iTunes you will see the project when you connect and sync your IOS device - it will appear in the sync panel of your device in the Applications panel (File Sharing Apps). Scroll down all the way to GarageBand.


    And yes, this requires GarageBand '11. It is an iCloud service, and previous GarageBand versions are not compatible with iCloud. The file will actually be stored in the "Mobile Documents" folder in your user library.




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    leonieDF wrote:



    And yes, this requires GarageBand '11. It is an iCloud service, and previous GarageBand versions are not compatible with iCloud. The file will actually be stored in the "Mobile Documents" folder in your user library.



    Léonie, are you really sure about that?


    We are talking about iTunes File Sharing. I cannot verify your first statement that iTunes File Sharing needs GarageBand 11 installed. Wouldn't make much sense, because you can use the feature to get audio files in and out of your iDevice running GarageBand via iTunes File Sharing and not just Song Files (aka. GarageBand Files)


    Your second statement that iTunes File Sharing requires iCloud, I'm not sure about that either. The Mobile Documents folder in the Library directory only lists the Song Files that you are syncing via iCloud from the "My Songs window" on your GarageBand iDevice, not the Song Files (and Audio Files) that you are syncing via iTunes File Sharing.


    As a bonus, here is a screenshot form my upcoming GarageBand for iPad book to show how to access those iCloud files on your iDevice. Quite a "drill" action to get to it.






    Hope that helps


    Edgar Rothermich


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    Hi , thanks for your advice. I was pretty frustrated last night trying to get this to work, turned out I didn't scroll far enough down the Apps tab! Doh! (Bit of an odd layout on that page, but htat's another story...

    Anyway, I shared the garageband project from my iPod with itunes. In the apps tab I used itunes to save the project files into a folder on my mac. Then I switched to my iPad went to the file sharing area and loaded the projects from the folder back in to the file sharing area, which the synced them fine on my iPad.


    I'll get GB'11 soon as I want to use it to tidy up my iOS sketches.


    Thanks everyone for your help.

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    Edgar, we have been talking at cross purposes I think. I had been sidetracked by the question if iLife GarageBand can open IOS GarageBand files. But thanks for putting that straight.


    You are right, that Filesharing is not an iCloud feature - it has been around since Mac OS X v10.5.8, but it requires an app that understands it, both on the computer and the IOS device, and the support article emphasizes the latest versions of iTunes and IOS, see:   http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4094

    Filesharing will only be available if the applications have filesharing ability.


    The ability to open projects from IOS devices is only promised for GarageBand '11, see this announcement for GB '11: http://www.apple.com/ilife/garageband/


    Scroll down to the paragraph "GarageBand everywhere"


    Easily move and share projects between all your iOS devices, or open them in GarageBand for Mac and take them even further.