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Hi i have a macbook air late 2010, worked fine until i booted from external usb drive and somehow formatted the drive and now i cant install nottin,when i boot from usb drive, it boots up and it say installing osx but 5 secounds later this **** message pops up, There was a problem installing Mac osx try reinstalling and no matter how many time i do it same message, even when i try doing it holding command key and r, at the end of the long process i get same message there was a problem try reinstalling it, i need help plz

MacBook Air, no osx installed on system at the m
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    Hi there,


    When you boot from your USB to reinstall. Try opening the Disk Util and running the diagnostics on your Hard Drive (well SDD drive)...


    Run also a hardware test to make sure everything is fine (what you have may be a wrond HD or RAM that will need replacing). Try this: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1509


    If everything is ok then USB drive you are using may be to blame. Try creating a new one. You can ask a friend with a Mac to create one for you or go to an Apple store where they will reinstal the original OS.



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    I try restarting MacBook air holding down D.to run a diagnose on my hardwares but nottin happen, I try for 2 days and nottin happen, so that helped me move forward and reset the nvram by pressing option - command - p - r - untill you hear startup sound a secound time, and that did the trick for me. After it restarted it let me install mountain lion , I'm so happy.