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I have worked a computer repair shop for 4 years and have dealt with some peculier things... Usually I hear the customer say, "I swear I didn't do anything..." Well this time it's true.


Some info that might possibly be contributed...?

I have my Macbook Pro /w Retina Display. I have a dual boot with Windows 8 that works natively, and in a virtual machine. About two months ago I dabbled with a Triple boot using Ubuntu Linux and so I had installed rEFIt to easily navigate the various operating systems. However, I moved the Recovery partition to a backup drive because of Windows' issue with installing on a 4th partition. (It complains about a max amount of primary partitions.) I have since removed Linux, but haven't returned the Recovery Partition.

So, my system is simply dualbooting.


I am used to using the option key to navigate between OSX and Windows, however for the first time I found that a Padlock symbol appeared after doing the usual option key hold. I have NOT set up a Firmware Password, nor is there anyone around this laptop with the knowledege to do so. The Recovery partition hasn't been present on this machine in a month, and I was under the impression that a Firmware Password was primarily installed via the Recovery partition, however I'm sure there is another way around that.


I called Apple, and they had some hash key, had me read them the last 16 digits of the code I get when I press Control, Option, Command, Shift, and S simultaneously. Then they informed me that they could not run their program for fear that it (the program) would be leaked to the public. They told me that I would either have to take the machine apart myself to flash the firmware, (something I am willing, but not wanting to do,) or drive the four hours to an Apple Store.


I am just pleading... I did not set this Password, nor did anyone else. What could have caused this MacBook to set a Firmware Password, and is there anyway I can remove it?


Thanks again, even if you just read it...


MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    In case you haven't seen, all on Firmware Password that Apple seems to publish - it's not that 'mysterious'...


    If Apple must put hands on, perhaps there is an AASP closer than the Store. The AASP network is usually 'denser'. Locate the nearest via Apple's Support webpage.


    Good luck!

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    I found out what it was. I had "locked" my phone with the Find iPhone app on my iPhone. I put in a custom Mountain Lion install disk and it asked for a 4 digit keycode. I knew what it was after that point.