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Ok, so I have Windows 7 with the latest version of iTunes and the latest software version for my iPhone4, everything was working fine until just the other day, whenever I plug my iPhone into my computer, as soon as it makes that little noise when it connects, I get a blue screen of death.


That's about all I know...

iPhone 4, Windows 7
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    So I can suggest some troubleshooting first of all:


    - create a new user under windows 7 and try it under the new user

    - test the device with an other computer or an other device with your computer


    Like this you already will have some basic info where the issue is: as with the device or with the computer, and aswell if with the computer then if its system wide or only user issue.


    You can try aswell updateing windows and unable the firewall/antivirus to be sure is not somekind of conflict.


    From iTunes part you can try a full reinstall of iTunes following this art.: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1925


    Hope it helps,

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    Sounds like a driver conflict, check this article for possible solutions:

    iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Windows displays a blue screen message or restarts when connecting your device

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    I updated Windows drivers (it said I had three updates to download) but still no luck.


    This is the error report I receve upon reboot:


    Problem signature:

      Problem Event Name:    BlueScreen

      OS Version:    6.1.7601.

      Locale ID:    4105


    Additional information about the problem:

      BCCode:    1000007e

      BCP1:    FFFFFFFFC0000005

      BCP2:    FFFFF8800F4249F2

      BCP3:    FFFFF88003292918

      BCP4:    FFFFF88003292170

      OS Version:    6_1_7601

      Service Pack:    1_0

      Product:    768_1


    Files that help describe the problem:




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    I had an issue like this, it was fixed by turning of my personal hotspot or conecting my iphone with a USB2.0(black) instead of USB3.0(blue).

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    thank you, turned off personal hotspot on the iphone and moved to a USB2.0 port and all is well again , cheers.