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I have never used a Mac Mini.

What else do I need once purchased to get it up and running.

For example, will accessories previously used with Windows 7 work, i.e.

Samsung monitor with it's own controls

External DVD writer

And, does the Mac Mini have USB ports?


I am completely new to the Mac Mini so all advice for a 'first time user' would be well received.

regards, Keith

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), I have not yet purchased this
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    You need a display, a keyboard, and a pointing device (mouse or trackpad). You may want to also have an external DVD player and a printer (wired or wireless). Specs for the mini are here along with a picture of the back so you can see the ports.

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    Can't thank you enough. An excellent answer.

    Very much appreciated,

    Keith (Scotland)

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    In terms of  hooking up the display u have 2 options:

    one is to use the HDMI out port from the mini.

    the other is to use the display port/Thunderbolt out port.


    I add the following as it might help.


    I started last week with my new rig  by using the HDMI out port and it has the effect of disabling any sound control via the mini, its all through the display.

    The Apple remote wouldnt work for sound control.


    I wanted to use the mini for face time and not having a usb headset I bought a usb sound card for 9 euro and switched the display from the hdmi to the display port.


    It now all works from the keyboard/remote/headset


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    Hi qazxsw52,

    This was also very helpful. thank you

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    No bother, it caused me a lot of pain not knowing what I outlined above so.....


    In passing, if you put the usb soundcard on an usb extension lead it is easier to use and also pull out if u need to use the in built Audio in/out ports