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I want to install leopard 10.5.x on my Mac Mini 1.42 Ghz, on which I have Tiger 10.4.11, but nothing will work. My problem is that mij superdrive is defect and under Disk Utilities it issn't possible to resize my harddisk. I do have a bootable version of Leopard 10.5 but I can't get it installed on my Mac Mini.


I have tried:


1) Resizing my hard disk but somehow I cannot resize it, because it contains the startvolume. I wanted to make an extra partition on which I could write Leopard, but this doesn't work. I also tried to rezise it with iPartition but it gave the same message.


2) Using my Mac Book Pro in Target Disc mode and play the DVD in it's superdrive. I can start the DVD on my Mac Mini but when it restarts it doesn't start installing and returns in its normal mode.


3) Using my FireWire Disc on which I have installed Leopard 10.5 (with SuperDuper). Starting up my Mac Mini I held down the Alt-key but my FireWire disc doesn't appear in the list of possible bootable harddrives.


4) I have used an usb disk drive, but it doesn't continue after restarting my Mac Mini during istallation.


5) we want to remove the harddrive and connect it directly to my MB Pro. Maybe this way we can rezise the partition? Does anybody know?


I am out of ideas.


What is the sollution to this problem??? Who has any other ideas?


I hope to hear from you


Kind Regards


Mac Mini 1.42 Mhz, Mac OS X (10.4.5)
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    Hi Bob,


    1. I wouldn't recommend resizing it.


    2. With the Install Disc in the MBP, MBP in Target Mode, boot the Mini holding alt key to choose the Install Disc in the MBP to boot from.


    (Oh, is this a gray machine specific & Intel only 10.5 Install Disc?)


    3. Is that a clone of an IntelMac install, if so, it won't ever work.


    4. Again, thinking this isn't a Retail Install Disc, but PPC Macs mostly do not boot from USB.


    5. Bad idea, the MBP would wany to make it GUID partition scheme, which is unbootable on PPC Macs.

  • Bob Wagner Level 1 Level 1

    I Just had a good talk with another Macfan and we came to the conclusion that my system doesn't support the DVD I have. So I just bought the original Leopard OSX Retail DVD for my Mac Mini. When I get them I am going to try to install them using Target Disk Modus. Is this the right way to install them?

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    Good, yes, with the Disc in the MBP & the MBP the one in Target mode... if the Mini was in Target mode the MBP would only install an Intel version of 10.5.

  • Bob Wagner Level 1 Level 1

    Well, I received the DVD's but I doubt If they are real because my Mac Mini and my Mac Book Pro doesn't recognize them. How can I see if they are original?

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    Classic Mac OS

    Everything you needed to know about Leopard, including what the disc looks like is on this tip:


    Your Mac will not install Leopard from any other disc than the one whose icon is in that tip.  If it says a Mac model on the disc, Leopard will not install on it.  Leopard did not come out until Intel Macs, though its retail release would install on G4s with 867 Mhz or higher.  System specific releases only work with the vintage Mac model they came with.

  • Bob Wagner Level 1 Level 1

    It looks like the problem is my MB Pro-drive that has difficulty reading everything higher than 8 speed and also reading dual layer. The person from who I bought the DVD is sending me a Single Layer version. And if that works I can send back the Dual Layer.

  • BDAqua Level 10 Level 10

    Can you highlight it in Disk Utility and garner more by clicking on the blue Info icon?