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Bought the iPad Retina, 16Gb with Three 3G capability, about 6 weeks ago.  It's been running fine but last week when I opened an application the touchscreen stopped accepting input.  It would highlight areas (where for instance I pressed a number on the password code it would highlight with a square showing the artifact area of input (I presume)) but wouldn't actaully translate the touch into an input.


I tried powering off and powering on to no avail.  I then reset to no avail.  Finally I did a restore which brought it back.  I didn't reinstall the application that seemed to cause the lack of responce from the iPad and yet today (about a week later) it has stopped responding in the same way - this time whilst using mail.  I'm at work so can't do a restore but wondered if this happening to others.  Thoughts anyone?

iPad, iOS 6.0.2
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    Sounds like you have VoiceOver (one of the accessibility features) 'on' - if you turn the volume up do you get a voice saying what you are tapping ? If you do then try triple-clicking the home button and see if that turns it off, and if it does you can then change what a triple-click does via Settings > General > Accessibility > Triple-Click Home.


    If that doesn't turn it off then you can either turn it off directly on the iPad (you need to use a tap-to-select and then double-tap to activate/type process and 3 fingered scrolling) to go into Settings > General > Accessibility and turn VoiceOver 'off', or you can do it by connecting to your computer's iTunes : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4064

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    You, King Penquin, are a complete star.  I always have my volume turned down and the mute function on when in work and obviously I must have turned it on somehow without realising it.


    Thank you.