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I don't know why and how but after restart my Mac air mid 2012 I can't find default weather widget : / I am using Accuweather widget but I prefer default widget. I also tried to follow this instruction but it not work because I can't find those plist file! (I used Iterm 2 to find it but it's not exist in my Mac)


1. Deleted com.apple.dashboard.plist from ~/Library/Preferences

2. Deleted com.apple.dashboard.client.plist from ~/Library/Preferences

3. Reboot

4. Open /Library/Widgets in Finder

5. Double-clicked Dictionary

6. Switched to Dashboard

7. Clicked + and all default Widgets were displayed

So, can anyone help me to find default weather widget? Please help me and sorry for my English.

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • keg55 Level 5 (7,644 points)

    You can try this. Or look in your back up (assuming you have been backing up your system) under /Library/Widgets and copy that folder back to your hard drive.


    Or ask a friend with ML to look in their /Library/Widgets folder and copy the Weather one for you.

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    This widget cannot show any thing :/ It cannot found any city. I can't find weather widget in /Library/Widgets

    Can you share me your default widget?

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    You know, you can reinstall ML on top of itself and get the widget back. Restart your system and press/hold Command+R then select Reinstall OS X from the menu. The reinstall of ML will not touch your apps or data.


    But do a back up first.

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    Oh, after restart, the widget you give me work very well Thanks for your help