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On my mid-2010 iMac, the headphone jack is a multipurpose jack. Not only will it do a headphone, it is an S/PDIF connection for digital audio out. I looked at the Apple tech specs briefly but didn't see it mentioned. I didn't see it mentioned in a couple of reviews I read either.


If it doesn't have that, coupled with no audio input port and no CD drive, the new iMacs are real audio losers. Yes you can buy external A to D and D to A converters, and an external optical drive, but between the clutter and the extra cost (not insignificant when you price a decent quality audio DAC or ADC), this is in no way a digital hub.


I've had lots of great Apple computers dating back to 1988. This model looks like one of the occasional losers that Apple has put out over the years. My mid-2010 is a great machine, as was my 2002 G4 Flat Panel before it and my Bondi Blue 1998 iMac. I would urge people to provide Apple with some negative feedback on this model. No optical drive, no RAM slots on the 21.5 in model, no Firewire port, SDHC slot on the back. It's not a cheap computer, but IMO is a significant step down form my 2010 21.5 in model at the same price. Yeah it looks great, and I can buy all kinds of external clutter for quite a bit more $invested but why?



iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)