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Hello Everyone,


Well I was tossed a big issue on my lap. Our servers are running Windows Server 2003 with a domain name of nt_domain which you could tell off the back it has an invaild character with the _ . A gentlemen before me found a bandaid of using this program called Likewise which allowed the Mac's to join the domain with the illegal character. He left me with an image of 10.7 with the Mac already configured. Well the new iMac's do not support 10.7 which my image is now worthless and 10.8 doesnt seem to like the Likewise program. The program gets an error when trying to join the domain and completely locks me out of the Mac and I mean LOCKS ME OUT because no reset password method works which forces me to reload the OS. I have no idea what to do because our network team doesn't seem to care about the issue so they will no change the domain name. We have a Mac Server 10.6 and I was told that I could make my own domain on the server and bridge it to the Windows domain so the users could still have access to the network drives. Any suggestions????



Xserve, Mac OS X (10.6.8)