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I am trying to download microsoft office 2004 to my pro, and it says it doesnt support power pc applications. any way around this so i dont have to buy the latest version?

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    Only way would be to Install 10.6.8 or less that can use Rosetta to run PPC Apps.


    10.7 & up & no way.

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    Yes; workarounds:


    1. Restore OS X Snow Leopard;


    2.  Partition your hard drive or add an external hard drive and install Snow Leopard into it and use the "dual-boot" method to choose between Microsoft Office 2004 or Lion/Mt. Lion;


    3.  Upgrade your software to Microsoft Office 2008 or 2011, or find alternative software that will open, modify and save your data files;


    3.  Install Snow Leopard (with Rosetta) into Parallels:


                                  [click on image to enlarge]


    Full Snow Leopard installation instructions here:




    NOTE: STEP ONE of the instructions must currently be completed on a Snow Leopard or Lion Mac and the resulting modified Snow Leopard.cdr install file can then be moved over to your Mountain Lion Mac for completion of the remaining steps.  A recent poster has offered a solution for Mountain Lion users that do not have access to Snow Leopard or Lion Macs.


    NOTE 2:  Computer games with complex, 3D or fast motion graphics make not work well or at all in virtualization.