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Ive always loved Itunes, Ive always thought it was the easiest way to build a library, either music, or movies, ebooks or what have you. Now this new "Icloud" comes into the picture and tells  me more than half of my digital movies cant be played because my pc isnt HD compatible, I watched every movie i have in my Itunes library before, therfore I am so frustrated, no one seems to have any answers for me, I think most would feel out of hundreds of dollars of digital movies and feel the same way.....I dont buy movies from Itunes but every movie I've ever bought off the shelves at stores that has digital download on it is put in my itunes library. I Dont want to lose/leave itunes as my system of doing things but.......im at a loss, Anyone Help??? The funniest part of all of it is...Next to all the movies says "Purchased" so obviously they are legit and mine.

Windows XP