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Got a brand new Apple TV today, and wanted to watc The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with family. We wait 2 hours for the download, which we could live with knowing our internet connection was only around 2 mbs down. So we are finally set up and start the movie. We had to pause when we were around 8 minutes into it. When we go to resume the movie, we get a message that it won't resume for another 52 minutes!


Everyone bailed, not wanting to wait nearly an hour - thanks for a great evening. I presume since I started the movie I only have another 23 hours to watch.


Can I at least get my money back? And how exactly do I do that?

Apple TV (3rd generation)
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    That would be due to your extremely slow connection.The recommendation is 8mbps.


    HD content is quite large, anywhere from 4-6GB. It was likely not fully loaded


    If you are unable to upgrade your connection I suggest renting on your computer. That way it can fully load and be streamed to the device over your local network. It can also be stored until it expires, unlike ATV (which is streaming only)

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    So how long does a rented movie reside in Apple TV? At 1 am the movie would play, but the next morning when viewers were awake, we got the message again about taking 42 more minutes to download.

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    It doesn't reside at all. Like I said it's streaming only, there is no accessible storage and it's only temporarily cached as you view it. If the device is turned off or other content accessed the rental is flushed and needs to reload.


    This is why I recommended renting via computer. Your connection simply won't be adequete for streaming unless you switch to SD (in the settings)

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    Wish I had known this before I purchased the AppleTV.  I could have just rented them on my computer and played them back using the TV as a monitor like I used to do.  I was ticked enough when I rented the movie days ago thinking it was going to automatically download only to have it say "Ready to play in 1 hour 5 minute" when we started the movie.  Then instead of pausing the movie I hit the menu button.....now I have to wait another hour before I can resume the movie.  What a rip off.


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    The device is marketed as streaming only and the requirements specified, you would have known before that you were on a slow network. HD content will need a fast connection no matter what box you use.


    It's not really a rip off as it does work. I guess just make sure to research a bit before next time so you know of something is going to work based on your needs and setup

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    I guess the operable words in your reply are "a bit."


    Can you direct me to where in Apple's literature from either the package or the apple store that bandwidth is specified.


    If I have to go to support sites to research the difficulties that others have had, there's something wrong.


    While you are at it, can you tell me why Apple does not support Amazon Prime movies played over a television. AirPlay won't work, and neither will a direct connection from an iPad 2 via composite cables or HDMI. Only way I have found is to lug the Mac Mini or MacBook Pro over to the TV, and use as a mirrored monitor.

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    It's right within the product page literature






    A sustained 8-Mbit/s or faster Internet connection is recommended for viewing 1080p high-definition movies and TV shows, 6-Mbit/s or faster for viewing 720p content, and 2.5-Mbit/s or faster for standard-definition content. Internet connection speeds may vary depending on your ISP and other factors.


    Of course it's also on the support page




    However, this is not directly linked to this product and would be recommended regardless of what device you were to purchase. It doesn't entail hours of research, more like a few minutes. Streaming is dependent on the network and thus one has to ensure to meet the requirements for best results.


    In terms of the other issue, it is Amazon who is blocking it. If you have a 2011 or later Mac running Mountain Lion (or via airparrot for older hardware) you could try to mirror from there.