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i have the AppleTV 3 with 1080p.

it has got the 5.1.1 (5433)


i have got weird problems.


1. when i want the appletv to standby, i have to "press and hold" PLAY/PAUSE only in the first row of the homescreen. other people "press and hold" on Select. why?


2. when i want to "press and hold" the Select button on the other icons like WSJ, it acts like i have selected it. ive tried it 1000x.

when i "press and hold" the play pause button it makes a small beep and nothing happens.


who can seriously help? ive plugged the appletv out too, but it didnt help.


fyi: ive installed the new os 5.1.1 2 weeks ago over ethernet. had no problems with that.

Apple TV (3rd generation), iOS 5.1.1
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    i had the problems and searched the WHOLE EARTH CATALOG   and didnt found the answer. but i have found it.


    i had changed the appletv video settings to output in 1080p 50hz. if you change it back to 1080p 60hz, then you will have smooth scrolling, and the press and hold effekt and reordering the apps on the homescreen will work again.