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What would be faster and the most efficient for multiple video captures:

- 9 video feeds written to 3 separate internal hard drives (3 feeds per hard drive)

- 9 video feeds written to 3 internal hard drives in a combined RAID configuration

- 9 video feeds written to 9 separate external hard drives via eSATA

I have a Mac Pro 3.06GHz 12-core Intel Xeon machine that will be dedicated to a security camera application (SecuritySpy). The Mac OS and SecuritySpy will be on one hard drive and send the captured video from nine network HD cameras to the other hard drives. The computer, eSATA card, and all the hard drives are 6Gb/s capable. I also have access to SoftRAID for the RAID configuration, as well as an 8-bay eSATA hard drive enclosure if I choose. There are pros and cons for each of the configurations, but I am looking for the most reliable setup in terms of efficiency and longevity.





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