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Hi folks


So i just bought my first macbook pro mid2012 2.6 ghz


i plan on purchasing an crucial m4 256 gb, put my 750gb 7200rpm stock drive in the optical bay with an OWC data doubler.


Coming from a windows background i'm new to osx.


What would be the safest way to format the 750gb drive? Should i split it half ntsc and the other half apples format?


ideally i'd like to be able to read/write to the 750 gb drive while using win7 and osx.  I know that you can use macdrive as well as ntfs3g

i did some searching but couldn't find any definitive answers.


osx did not include an install disc --


i was curious if it would be better for me to just do a clean install with the m4 or clone the drive.

any relevant links to being able to create my own install disc would be awesome.


what is the best method to make a backup that i can install on the new HDD?

MacBook Pro, Windows 7, osx