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hi team

why my pc updated the java after cannot use ,on my screen show this(由於您系統上的“Java”版本未包含最新的安全性更新,因此已被阻擋。若要繼續使用“Java”,請從 Oracle 網站下載更新過的版本。)and (已阻擋的外掛摸組),但下載完都不能用?pls help me!

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    The newly discovered zero-day flaw in Java 7 is so serious that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has warned users to disable or uninstall it, and Apple has disabled the Java 7 plugin on Macs through its OS X anti-malware system, in order to protect users from a potentially serious security issue.


    You should disable Java (if not already done) until either the US Department of Homeland Security, or Oracle, declare it safe and Apple restore the facility. Javascript should not be disabled (it has nothing to do with Java).