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Hi all,


I work with a German version of Pages 09, but I try to translate my problem as good as possible.


I already exportet a few ePubs with pages. Now I have an error message when I export a new book: "Number of images or resolution of images is too big. Some images were deleted..." (original message:Bildschirmfoto 2013-01-12 um 15.46.31.png)


I never saw this before (I had files with more images in). I tried to put in one image after the other. Then on a certain image I got this message and took this out and continued with others. Now I have 6 fails, but even other images are not accepted by pages. The pages-file is 5,7 MByte, the exportet ePub is 3,1 MByte (both smaller than other files I did). 


So here is what I already tried:


  • all images are JPG below 127kByte size and a resolution unter 500 x 600 Pixels.
  • tried other images (fully new made, new exported, exported with a different software)
  • tried it on two different computers.


Pages does not react logic exceeding a certain number of images or on feshly made files!


What is wrong here? It drives me mad...



Thanks in advance,



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