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I just purchased an Airport Extreme in order to connect my collection of old hard drives so I can share the files with my Windows computer and Apple TV.


My main problem is accessing a single hard drive (exFAT, one partition -- couldn't format into FAT32) from my Windows 7 laptop. The Airport connects wirelessly to my Fios router with no problem. 


Using the Airport Utility > Disks I can see the hard drive (although it only shows its physical name "SAMSUNG HM302JI" not the name I gave it when I formatted it, "Storage300GB"), however it doesn't show any files on the drive (and there are a few test files of all types: jpg, xlsx, a sub-folder, etc.). I can't see the drive via My Computer nor can I map the drive using the IP address ( When I tried adding a USB hub (for adding the other hard drives once I get this one working) I see the same problem, just the name of the device but no folders.


Norton 360 can see the device, but Windows cannot. I've tried turning off Norton, but that hasn't helped.


I have searched the web and support communities high and low, and I have yet to find any help.


Any help would be appreciated!!





AirPort Extreme 802.11n (5th Gen), Windows 7