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I used to be able to download all .pdf files.  I'm on v10.6.8 and I believe I updated my Adobe and since then I can still download .pdf but can't save these files. Has anyone fixed this problem who can assist me?

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    Try dragging the PDF off the email to the desktop. Command S to save.

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    Thank you for the suggestion and if I get stuck again I will try that.  Wish I would have known it was as simple as your recommendation, I would have saved myself some research!  Here is how I resolved the problem.  I kept searching via google regarding my problem until I resulted a similar question.  I had to stay focused on my operating system and the problem in order to find someone who had the same issue.  I was told to go to the MAC library/internet plug-ins.  Remove to the trash any file with "PDF".  I had two files.  Since my problem started last year when I upgraded my Adobe, I logically removed the Sept 2012 file to the trash and restarted my computer.  I left the remaining PDF file (1) below and figured I would remove that after removing #2.  Following are the two files and the one I had to remove is #2

    1. Adobe PDF viewer.plugin

    2. AdobePDGViewerAJPAPI.plugin (yeah!!)

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    T H A N K   Y O U  !


    This solved a problem that had been plaguing me for months. Yay!


    However, for me the offending file was: