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I have an iPad 3rd generation and I downloaded Garageband. But I couldn't understand something.


For example sometimes the drums sound louder, sometimes they sound quieter. I didn't understand why. Is it because of how I push?


And what makes me mad is the grand piano is so quiet. I can't hear it. Help

iPad, iOS 6.0.1
  • léonie Level 10 (90,434 points)

    You can adjust the touch sensitity of the keyboard: Then the volume will depend on how hard you touch the screen:  From the GarageBand help: (http://help.apple.com/garageband/ipad/1.2/index.html#chs39282dbe)


    Adjust the touch sensitivity of the keys:

    Increasing the touch sensitivity makes notes sound louder or softer depending on how hard you tap the keys.

    • Tap the Keyboard button IL_KeyboardControls.png , and turn Velocity on.
    • Pinch the two ends of the Velocity bar apart to increase the sensitivity range, or pinch them together to decrease the range.
    • Drag the Velocity bar up or down to move the sensitivity range. This is particularly useful after pinching the ends closer together to limit sensitivity to a narrow range.



    The same goes for the drums. If you do not want touch sensitivity, turn "Velocity" off.




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    Thank you so much Léonie,


    Now they sound much better