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    JohnTh wrote:


    I suggest that you get yourself an iPad without the retina display AND some external hard drives to store your data.

    Which method of connecting external hard drives to an iPad do you recommend?

  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,340 points)

    I would hate to use a HDD as slow as that, and have to carry it around as well as an iPad. An 11" MBA would be cheaper, faster and far more reliable.


    Is this what you do for yourself?

  • JohnTh Level 2 (365 points)

    The scenario I suggested to 'Gallant Family' was based on his 'needs' where all he does is surf, store pictures, check mail and play some games. It is also the cheapest option financially. For his need, the iPad could be used as a standalone device with the wireless external drive as a storage device device only, without any need to buy a PC (a PC or Mac in any form), or the need to be always wirelessly connected to his external hard drive.


    I use multiple 'configurations'. It depends upon where I am. When out of the country on business as I frequently am, I prefer the iPad only. I also use the iPad as a general device capable of doing almost everything except anything creative. For that, I simply HAVE TO use my Mac. If I was always 'creating' something (like iBooks, podcasts or movies), then I'd use a Mac only because I have no other choice. But that is only my way of doing things. I suggested to 'Gallant Family' what I think would work the best for him because, by and large, most people these days dont really need a PC (PC or Mac).

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    JohnTh wrote:


    The scenario I suggested to 'Gallant Family' was based on his 'needs' where all he does is surf, store pictures, check mail and play some games. It is also the cheapest option financially.

    It is not the cheapest option, the 11" Air is.


    Add an iPad ($829 64GB or $929 128GB) to that Wireless drive ($175) and you are way past the cost of an 11" Air ($999) and almost at the price of a 13" MacBook Pro ($1199), and now you need 2 cases etc and have 2 things to carry around.


    As the most basic of the information you are promulgating is incorrect I'll not bother reading the rest.

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    John Galt wrote:


    Gallant Family wrote:


    Under $900



    ... $849 + sales tax.


    $749 now.

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    CSound1: I doubt if 'Gallant Family' (to whom I originally replied) is doing any of the stuff that YOU do on your device(s). My suggestion was for HIM. NOT you. And NOT me. And NOT anyone else either. Btw, I use the 'configuration' that I have suggested especially when I am travelling for work or pleasure. I have NOT carried the wireless HDD around with me because I never felt the need to do so.


    The costs depend upon what deal is offered and where. You have a point if you say that the Air is cheaper. I forgot to mention that I work with the iPad Mini and off 16 GB. My way of looking at it is that if there is anything that goes beynd that, then to have it on an external drive. And its irrelevant whether its documents, pics or whatever. I no longer am nuts to carry 'everything' around all the time. I dont need to. And thats that.


    What exactly is incorrect ... I'd be glad to know. If its the statement that most people dont really need a PC, the iPad sales should prove that I'm partially correct. Was there anything else or did I miss out on something?


    Also FYI, I have worked with all sorts of computers from mainframes down right from 1984, and am very much a 'desktop/laptop person' (definitely NOT a tablet person). Whatever I have said, I have said it from MY experience of the world. Its just that I find the ease of using the iPad for most things way better than laptop.

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    JohnTh wrote:


    What exactly is incorrect ...

    As I said before, I stopped reading after the price.

  • JohnTh Level 2 (365 points)

    Well, as long as the user got what he got from this thread, what you think is irrelevant. And what I think is irrelevant too! So, I'll leave it at that ...

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    You should get a Macbook pro other then microsoft computers.


    All Macs have such good experiences just watch when you get one

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