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i have recently found out that my daughter has invaded my iphone 3gs through bluetooth

devices she has cbimed are iphone ,LG RUMOR TOUCH ,DTVBluetooth. how fo i unpair this items.?

i now have her address book in mine! o wamt her out and want to keep her out!!!

PLEASE  HELP  '!!!!!!!

iOS 6.0.1, iphone3gs and RUMORTOUCH,DTVbluetoo
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    You can not pair 2 iPhones via bluetooth.


    Slow down and explain exactly what's wrong. It sounds like you are both using the same iCloud account. You should each have your own iCloud account, not share one.

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    Thank you for your help , (it was the iCloud acct.) but I am left with another guestion  , why would my call logs be showing phone with arrow pointing right beside my logs . I don't have my call forwarding on, can this be part of the original problem ? Thanks so much as u can tell I'm not good at this devices. Sometimes ya can't teach an old dog new tricks----- but with your help I'm trying :)

    Ps .  I also originally from N.E Ohio .