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Would a cable length of approx 6 meters  impact charging?  Specifically, if I were to make up a 6 to 7 m male to female type A USB extension, plug it into a 12W Apple power charger should it not charge with wifi active and screen at full brightness?


The percentage of charge seems to be dropping when it should be going up.  We're using these iPads as digital signage and they must be on at full brightness 24/7. 


I'm not getting an indication that the unit is not charging so - it's like the charge is going in but is simply not enough.


I've also tried a 5Vdc 5Amp power supply which is not USB based, and discovered that if the data cables are not connected, the iPad does not recognise the cable as a charger and displays "not charging". 


There must be a work around for this.  Any ideas?




Using Sedna DS software 24/7

Power supply must be approx 6 meters away from iPad


Using the new iPad Mode A14S8

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.2
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    You'll get lots of power drop with such a long cable. Use the Apple cable and use an electrical extension cord on the charger.


     Cheers, Tom

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    Thanks for that.  I may use this idea if nothing else pans out.  The challenge is that I may not be able to bring the adapter closer due to physical constraints. 


    With this in mind, I am suspecting that the data connection is somehow telling the iPad to accept the charge (like a digital sensor).  Would it be able to fool the iPad that it's getting its charge from a 'approved' charger, yet provide the actual power from the 5Amp power supply?