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What is the meaning of an icloud icon with a down arrow in it?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    What application are you in?


    Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 7.24.38 PM.png

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    Could you please tell me the status when there is no cloud next to the song?

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    Here is the link




    Can you paste in a screen print?  Have you subscribed to iTunes Match? 

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    I am in itunes and have subscribed to itunes match. The icon I see in itunes is the cloud with a down arrow in it which is not in the table of icloud icons supplied by apple. I suspect it simply means that this song can and or will be matched and or uploaded.


    Songs that can not be matched by Apple will be uploaded into icloud which is what is currently going on here and will take about two days. Is there a way to download songs (like all) into my other Mac which I will install in my RV and I will NOT have wifi access on my road trips?

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    Hi Ted



    On your other device, if you download the music by clicking on a track they download onto that machine.  Those tracks then become playable from your machine without wifi.


    For instance, I had my iPhone and my Macbook music synced through iTunes, so there were hard copies onn both devices.  After iTunes Match, I then deleted the music off my iPhone and it left the "cloud" available playlits when connected to wifi.  As I play songs they download to my phone and are then are available in hard copy and cloud copy.   Eventually I will have to clean out my phone again (I'm just maniacal about storage) and that  is about a 3 second job to do.


    One other thing, iTunes Match "destroyed" my playlsist so I had to rebuild them and those sync to all your devices.  I found that only the playlists can be edited, ie to soft-delete the song from a playlist and it stays in your main library.