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For the last 6 months, I've noticed slow downloads.  Then last week, the cursor stays busy for a long time and maybe after 45 min. I'll get a full website.  It's taking so darn time.... any suggestions would be welcome.



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    What Mac do you have and what versions of OS X and browser?

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    I have IMac 10.5.8 since 2008 and using safari browser.  Also noticed that I have 223 GB free. I also went to Utilities Disk and highlighted 298.1 GB Hitachi Drive.  First Aid was highlighted and verify disk was started and verified.


    Another problem I'm having is that emails are being sent from my contact list that I haven't sent.  This has happened before last year whereby I changed my password to Yahoo and the problem seemed to have subsided, but now it's a huge problem.  Just changed passeword again, but the problem is getting old.  Perhaps this should be another thread.  If you could provide a possbile solution, I would be greatful.... Barbara