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I have created an iMovie with mostly still photos and a few video clips.  The entire movie runs 20 mintues.  iMovie crashed 2x while creating the movie.  Now that it is finally complete, iMovie crashes consistently when trying to export in large format to Apple TV, to Facebook and to iDVD.  I am on an iMac 2.8 GHx Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB 1067 MHz DDR3 memory.  OS X 10.8.2.  Am I memory constained>  If so, can I add memory? 


Any help?

iMovie '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    when using imovie, start it from a fresh boot. no other apps running. see if that helps.

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    I did reboot, but I 2 safari running as well, 1 with 4 tabs open and the other with 10 tabs open.  I will reboot again and try with just iMovie open.

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    It is probably not due to memory. 8GB should be enough.


    It could be several things. It could be that you have something else installed on your Mac that is causing a conflict. It could me that OSX was not installed correctly. It could be that iMovie should be reinstalled.

    The easiest thing to try is to trash the iMovie Preferences file and see if that helps.


    Here are instructions.


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    Do you have Roxio Toast installed. The Spin Doctor plugin causes problems. I removed the plugin and now can do very long video work. Also my system stability improved.

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    This is very helpful information and I have had to remove the preferences for iCal once when it was crashing.  I have deleted the iMovie preferences file and am trying to empty the trash.  It looks like something I should do more often, since there were over 9,000 items in the trash.  My problem is that it deleted some stuff, but now I have 7,630 items in the trash, and it isn't making progress.  Any further ideas on how to successfully delete my trash, and I will reform my ways in the future.

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    I searched elsewhere in this forum and found and executed:


    sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash


    then tried again to remove trash.  Same problem.  I'm pretty hosed up here.

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    Ok, never mind.  Looks like my trash did empty (menu item is no longer available to choose).  I'm continuing on with iMovie and will report back.

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    Ok, so I reopened iMovie and reset my preferences, opened my project, only to see that the vast majority of it is gone!  This is a crushing blow.  I have 4:14 minutes of my 20 minutes.  I have a time machine backup that I will look at, but where do I look for the movie.  I searched on Finder in All My Files for the movie by the iMovie Project Name and don't see such a file.  Any knowledge on where the files are located and how they are named?


    I remain hopeful....

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    You would open Time Machine and navigate to the Movies/iMovie Projects folder. There you would find your project. You can go back in time using the arrows. Then click restore when you find an old version that you want to try.

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    While looking through my project library, I noticed a project called test.  I was going to see if I could figure out where that file lived, but then realized that my movie that I thought I lost is actually the project called test.  So, miracle upon miracle, this is my movie.  I don't know if it contains a corruption, but I'm finalizing it right to and will see.  Even if it is corrupted, I have all the photos and video clips still available and it will be much easier to recreate my movie with something to use as reference. 


    Thanks for all your help.  I guess I need to look at my overall housekeeping, which I didn't think was so bad, but maybe it is. 

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    Ok, so iMovie crashed when trying to finalize the "test" project that I found.  I guess it's safe to assume the movie itself is corrupted.  So, 3 questions:


    1. Is there any way to check for corruptions in the video clips I was using in this movie?

    2. Is there anything I should do before creating my movie again?

    3. Should I bother to delete the preferences file again, or can we safely assume the corruption was not in the preferences file, but in the project itself?


    Obviously, I will create a new project with a new title.  I can use the corrupted project as a guide when creating the new project, so I don't have to rethink the entire thing, just reexecute it.


    Any other sage advice?

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    There is one more thing to try.


    Go to the Project Linrary view.

    Select your project named Test.

    Click FILE/DUPLICATE PROJECT and name the new project Test - 1st half.

    Click FILE/DUPLICATE PROJECT again and name the new project TEST - 2nd half.


    Now open the project called Test - 1st half. Delete the second half of the movie, and try to Share the movie. If it shares, you know the corrupt clip is in the 2nd half. If it doesn't you can keep looking in the first half. Once again, make 2 duplicates and split it again. See if these will share.


    Do the same thing with the project called Test - 2nd half. Delete the first half of the movie and see if it will Share.


    Continue this duplication, deletion, and sharing until you narrow it down to the problem clip or clips.


    Go back to your original and delete the problem clips from the project. Then replace it with a clean copy of this clip from your event. Then try to Share again.

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    An update:  I spent a great deal of time trying to isolate the corruption, with no success in what I considered a good amount of time.  I went back in the backups, day by day, for about a week, but each of those backup copies were also corrupted.  I still have the project called Test, which contains everything as I had it, so I can recreate it. In the meantime, I was having enough trouble with some other applications that I decided to scan my disk with the Disk Utlity.  Sure enough, there were a number of problems.  I was able to, eventually, repair the disk.  After praying mightily to the Disk Gods, I tried, once again, to render my movie - now called test.  No good. 


    So, I do appreciate your help and I wish I had been more successful, but I think I'll have to recreate my movie.  While I can't prove it, I feel like using picture-in-picture potentially created the problem.  Using that feature looks pretty straight-forward, but I wonder if I did something that corrupted my movie. 


    So, I will begin (soon) to recreate my movie.  Wicked bummer!