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Just wondering if anyone could shed light for me - my computer is on the way out and I'm in the middle of a demanding

job requiring both Logic Studio and Finale. I'm trying to install Logic on another computer and as far as I know this is

ok. I'm inputting my serial number and then it says it wants my original serial number... Is it asking for an older serial number

from an older version???


I upgraded from Logic 7 last year but pretty sure I used an XSkey for that. I've tried inputting the XSkey code, and also plugging in

the key but the response is that they're both invalid. Getting frustrated!!!! Does anyone have some clever tips? I don't seem to have access

to my serial number for Logic 7.


Big thanks,



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    The only thing I know that definitely will work is inserting the XSkey. Try to lend it from someone, install your stuff and then you don't need the dongle anymore. The upgrade from v7 to v9 came with a S# also, thats the one which is needed. Sometimes you have to install v7 or v8, with their S#, in front of v9 before the installer accepts  your upgrade S#. But the XSkey is crucial in my experience.

    And as a side note: Apple has left the old users with a bit of a mess concerning their upgrade -policy and -procedure.


    Good luck!