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photo.PNGThis isn't normal right? I contacted Vodafone Au, but they said to take it to

an Apple store to be covered by their 1 year warranty. How do I go about this, as this battery life is terrible. I hardly opened an app, the only thing I did was check my email. I have reset the phone numerous times and didn't set up as backup and all the other 'fixes' (really?), now something has to be done. Apple, get on top of this or so help me God.....

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    Hi, I bought my iPhone in mid dec and had terrible battery issues. Standby was 9 hours, talk time was about 1 hour etc. I took it into the store to get it sorted out - the phone support was rubbish.


    They diagnosed it as a software issue/bug. A sign was that the standby time and usage time appeared to be almost identical, indicating something was running in the background all the time.


    They did a full reset - ie wipe the OS and reinstall as factory settings. Then he went tote settings, general and changed a bunch of the privacy settings al to OFF. There are about 6 or 7 on one tab, he turned them all off. Apparently in many cases they remain on and totally drain the battery.nthey have no mpact on location services etc (he showed me on his phone same settings applied)


    Get full battery life now. Hope that helps.