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OK, I just took in this cat a little over two weeks ago... he's loving, affectionate, playful, etc. Everything a 6-7 month old cat should be and just having a companion makes me feel great. His previous owner told me that she put him out because he "followed me everywhere"... and I can see what she was talking about because this happened tonight...




No I'm growing to love him, but he's - obviously - coming between my keyboard and my monitor. Just wondering if anyone else has had a problem like this and knows of a remedy?





MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, ATD
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    Cats are Cats are Cats. They will do whatever they feel like and most of the time there is not you can do to stop them.


    That is one of the BIG reasons I will never, Personally, have a Cat, GFs excluded. If I don't care for her cat I find a new GF. Because asking her to get rid of the Cat has the same affect.


    Good Luck. Wait until the cat starts replying to threads.

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    Ah Clinton ... just a while back I was wondering who's the cat in your profile pic. I cant think of a better remedy than you removing yourself from the computer every now and again, preferably to the kitchen where the cat food is, and hopefully the cat would follow too. Then when you return, put him on your lap where he wants to be since he's that kind of cat. The other thing is that the place near your monitor is somewhat warmer than the other places AND close to you, and thats why they like to snuggle up as close as possible. Put some stuff between your keyboard and the monitor if this doesnt work out. My friend's cat always puts his paw on her mouse hand and never on the other hand. Obviously they know something that we are missing :)

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    Forgot to show you how it looks when I'm at my wife's parents place ...



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    Now that is the best problem I have seen with a MAC, sure hope

    my Mac does not get a severe problem like that one. He sure is  a fine looking problem though.

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    The thing is that I intentionally moved the MBP to where you see it. It was full of stuff like my camera, its wires, phone chargers and what not. All the same, he did go and lie down right on the top of all that. I eased out most of it from under him before taking the pic. Even when I moved the MBP out of reach, he would still reach forward and put one paw on it ...