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Hello to all Apple Communities,


i like to play games from the mac app store on my imac when im bored for example games like uberstrike or games from windows using parrallels and anyway as you all may know, the apple magic mouse has only 1 button which can be used for both primary and secondary clicks. so i went to my local store and purchased a different mouse, this mouse :




when i was using it for the first time it worked perfectly nothing was wrong and i was really happy, untill i used it again couple of months later, everytime i use it my imac becomes unresponsive, im not even sure if its unresponsive or its just slow, for example when i use the magic mouse and i point the cursor towards my dock, everything maginifys just like i want it to and works really well and fast and it even highlights the things i choose, for example when i click on the apple logo at the top left of the screen and i point my cursor down as i go, the little writings that are in a rectangular box go all blue, BUT when i use the other mouse none of this happen, the dock doesnt maginify and the writings that are in a box dont go blue at all, they dock only maginifys when i click on a logo/application but then of course when i click on it it opens it. its really fustrating, the only way to fix it is to take out the USB that came with the mouse and plug it back in, but the same problem happens again!!


Any suggestions on how to fix this?


Kind Regards,




P.S : there are no errors given when this happens!





27 inch display

mid 2011 model

3.4 GHZ Intel Core i7

16GB 1333 MHz DDR3


and its running on Mac OS X Lion on the latest update.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)