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Hi trying to AirPrint from ipad2 to hp photo smart 6520 but keep getting ' no airprinters found'  both devices are on my wireless network and have been tru all 4 steps of Hps touble shooting guide....I can even the printer show up in wifi settings on ipad but not when I try to print from safari etc

iPad 2
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    By the way my router is huawei hg533 which should be compatible to handle airprint as far as I am aware

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    Reset (power down) the iPad, the printer, and your router, and power them back up again.


    Most newer routers are AirPrint compatible. Of those that are not, Huawei appears often. Check its manufacturer's website for the possibility of a firmware update.

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    Hi John many thanks for quick response - i have tried the power down / restart option several times but no luck...


    Have got it to work fine wirelessly from both a Mac mini and a mac book air and as mentioned see the printer under wifi on ipad but keep getting the' no airprinters found' when trying to print from safari etc from ipad


    Any other thoughts?

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    Yes, check HP's website for the possibility of a firmware update as well.


    AirPrint should simply work. No special settings or configuration is necessary, or possible. The only requirements are an AirPrint - compatible printer and router, connected to the same wireless network as your iPad.


    I have heard of at least one report that AirPrint on a Huawei router does not work with iOS 5. If that is what you are using updating to iOS 6 may solve the problem, but this sounds dubious to me.


    If you want to be absolutely certain AirPrint will work, a genuine Apple router is recommended. Using third party equipment always introduces an element of uncertainty.

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    Thanks again John - really appreciate you taking the time


    Been true the HP trouble shooting guide and the printer software is uptodate and my ipad is running on iOS 6


    So I guess it must come down to router....- the HG533 is fairly new but getting mixed reports when I search different forums some people report no problems using airprint while other seemingly do....


    So to be honest not sure where to go from here

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    Temporary bypass the router by using the Wireless Direct feature of the printer:

    http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c03351623&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en &product=5169041&tmp_track_link=ot_search


    If the device detected as AirPrint throught eh Wireless Direct connection that eliminate the problem as caused by the router. (And I highly believe you will find it working)


    If so, the router either doesn't support Multicasting or misconfigured.. I would suggest contacting your ISP and checking for any firmware update..

    I personally seen a discussion regarding this matter where TalkTalk confirmed the router is incompatible with Bonjour however this thread is no longer available and it worth checking for any firmware update availabllity for your router.


    Hope that helps,


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    Thx John - seems only viable solution  - went to friends house and tested my ipad and iPhone  on his network and could find his printers through airprinters with no problems at all

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    Hi Shlomil - tried what you suggested as well and I see the Hp printer fine under wifi just can't log on to it - keep getting the spinning circle referred to in  the hp document you suggested eventho I am on iOS 6....


    Can print from maco mini and air book fine and as I mentioned above ipad and iPhone worked fine on friends network finding his printer as airprint with out any problems  - so guess it is down to router (huawei hg533) will post question to them as I have also seen some threads suggestion it doesn't support airprint correctly

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    I went to my IPAD settings and chose the printer network but then could not log on to safari because I wasn't on my home network (was on printer network....which is connected to the home network.  Very confusing even though I followed the link's directions.  My router is an Arris 582

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    i tried this.  but when i clicked safari it said no safari detected because i went off my home network.