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had apple replace macintosh HD. did a restore from backup from time capsule. once it completed saw that I had 600 some GB used but cant find a single thing it restored.  Help me find my stuff it says are on my hard drive but I cant locate.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    How did you restore? Are you able to log in?

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    If you did the restore while booted into Mt Lion, IE you were using the computer, then it placed that restore in a folder called Macintosh HD in the ROOT (or maybe in your username folder) of the Macintosh HD.


    The proper way to restore is from booting the system from the Recovery HD partition and select Restore from TM backup.

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    Unfortunately I did restore while booted into Mt Lion. I am able to log in.  What is the best way for me to correct my mistake given where I am and get all my folders and applications properly working? 


    My restored files are not in the username folder of the Macintosh HD therefore must be in the hidden ROOT. 

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    Use this command in terminal to Show alll files.


    defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles YES


    Hit the enter key once entered into the terminal window.


    Delete that whole folder to regain the space.


    You might want to download EasyFind as it will find every file or folder you are searching for. The Built in Spotlight won't.

    You may also want to download Omni Disk Sweeper which will list all folders and give you the space they are using on the drive.


    It is covered in my first reply. Boot to the Recovery HD, Command+r keys at startup, Select Restore from TM backup. You may have to first erase the Macintosh HD partition using Disk Utility from that same Recovery HD boot.

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    If you want a response from me, please reply to a message from me, not to one of your own.

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    Thank you for the help.  Is there a simpler way for me just to erase the entire 1TB disk and start over versus finding every file and folder to delete?


    I had to take my imac in because 1TB hard drive was recalled.  Now I have a new hard drive and just want to recover/restore the entire 700GB of files I had that are backed up on Time Machine. 


    Looking for the quickest way to start over


    thanks again

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    Yes there is. Boot to the Recovery HD, Command+r key at startup and Erase the Macintosh HD partition, you do that in Disk Utility. Then once that is done exit out of disk Utility and select Restore from TM backup. Hopefully it will see your time capsule. It would be best to have the system Wired to either your main router or the time capsule instead of using Wifi.