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I've just reinstalled Mac OSX (Snow Leopard).

Before that, I saved everything on a hard drive with Time Machine. Now, I have re-imported my iphoto library. It's working but ALL MY VIDEOS are now jpg files !!! How can I recover my .mov files ??

Does anyone knows what I'm talking about ?

iPhoto '11, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I'm wondering if the issue comes from the fact that you "reimported" your library. What did you do to "reimport"?


    The way to restore from a Time Machine backup of the iPhoto Library is to enter Time Machine, go to the backed up view showing the backed up iPhoto Library file (folder -- it's actually a folder that looks like a file), and restore the entire iPhoto Library from the Time Machine backup to the Pictures folder where it belongs.


    I would have guessed, however, that you restored your entire disk or user account from Time Machine? That should have brought back the entire iPhoto Library intact.

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    Thanks for your answer.


    Actually I didn't want to restore my entire disk. So, to restore my photos library, I went into the iDisk (the one I saved my files to with Time Machine) and just copy the user/myName/images/iphotoLibrary into my hard drive in the same folder. The problem is that all my videos have been transformer in .jpg files. So I made a test today, importing a video from an iPhone in iPhoto and I looked up in iphoto library : there is a .mov file. So, do time machine converted these files ??

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    I suggest doing what I indicated earlier -- namely running Time Machine, and from that program, navigate through your backup (or backups, if you did mutiple ones) to that iPhoto Library file, select the iPhoto Library by clicking once on it, and use the Restore option (lower right button from within Time Machine). I think the way you did it does not bring all the information back.

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    That is incorrect


    You do not go "into" the time machine disk - you use Time machine to "restore" files or folders - launch TM adn go to the tiem you want to restore from - select the iPhoto library and click restore


    TM does not store disk images - it keeps everything and when you restore it reassembles what you are restoring for the time you want


    See http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1427?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US



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    OK. I'm doing this right now. Answer in a couple of minutes... !

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    did it and... nothing more... only JPG files :-(

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    Can you explain a bit more about the symptom of this problem?


    Do the movies show up in iPhoto? If so, what happens when you double click on one of these movies? Does it play, or does QuickTime player open?


    What does the information pane reveal about one of these movies? What happens when you select Get Info for one of your movies?

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    That is a symptom of having exported the current version of a video and then importing it to a new library - have you every exported yoru photos and then imported into a new library?



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    In iPhoto I can see the movie. At the bottom of the view of the video it even show me the duration of it. But when I double click on it it doesn't open iMovie as it should. And when I look up for the concerned file in the library it is a .jpg file.

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    No I did not... (I see what you're talking about it looks like I exported the videos...)

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    Anyway, I did a REAL backup of my HD (not with this weird Time Machine) so I can get my videos back. Thanks for your help but I still don't understand. It looks like Time machine makes an export of any iPhoto file before saving it.