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Hello everybody,


I designed a book on aperture 3 and know wanted to by it on apple store thanks to aperture 3.


So, i payed and after aperture 3 said: wait until we finish to download the book on our server in order to print it and to send it to you.


I waited 2hours and...aperture 3 didn't finished this after 2hours


I though: it's not normal... and i decided to shut down aperture to see if it's would be better after.

After i reexecuted the program: nothing about my book.




What can i do to be sure that the book is or will be recieved by apple ?




thanks you very much




Aperture 3
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    The upload of your book may take much longer than an hour, if your book has many pages and the network is slow. Probably you interrupted the transfer too early.


    But sometimes it happens, that the transfer hangs for some reasons:

    • Your book may contain a corrupted image, that cannot be rendered - check the preview od your book very carefuly, if you see something suspicous with one of the images.
    • Or the security settings for your AppleID need fixing. If your password is too simple, or the answers to your security questions not long enough, your order may hang for a long time, and you will get a useless error message - try again later. See this page for the security settings and fx them, if necessary: Apple ID: Tips for protecting the security of your account


    To check the status of your order see:

    Print Services Support - Apple Store (U.S.)


    Order Status

    To check the status of your Apple Print Products order, or to cancel, log into online Order Status with your Apple ID and password. Please note, for orders placed in iPhoto and Aperture, you have 90 minutes from the time you place your order to request a cancelation in online Order Status. We are unable to cancel Cards App orders. See below for more details.