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How do I sync my address book "Contacts" from the mac to the iPad? And how can I set it up so it updates automatically?

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    it should auto sync when you plug the ipad into the mac.

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    You can sign into iCloud on each device and check contacts for syncing. That will keep it updated automatically from one to the other.


    Or you can use iTunes to sync contacts. It will only update when it connects to the computer.


    ICloud is the best option because changes automatically update to the other device as they are done and you don't have to even think about it.

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    The contacts were synced between the two devices, but the iPad does not adopt the new configuration of the address book (the tabs on the cards, the subgroups of contacts)...it just shows the list of contacts as one group....and I cannot creat new groups on the iPad...??? Any suggestions...

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    It doesn't....I updated my OS on the mac...and it doesn't recognize the iPad....I don't see it on the iTunes bar either.

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    The iPad contact app and the computer's contact app are not the same. You can't create groups on the iPad. You can view the groups created on the computer when synced with iCloud. Not sure if synced with iTunes, but the iPad app won't change.


    If you synced the iPad with iTunes before, then it should still show up as a device in iTunes. If you are using the new iTunes, the devices don't appear in the sidebar anymore. At the upper right hand side if the iTunes window, younshould see a box to show devices. Click on that.

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    I was able to sync it through iCloud, as you mentioned....thank-you very much!

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    Great. You will probably like that much better. The sync is automatic and usually instant.

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